Motherhood: An Ode to My Son

Growing up Indian, lots of expectations can be placed on you — as a daughter and as a mother. Divya Mehta didn’t lose sight of these traditions, yet she does hold her values much, much closer when it comes to herself and raising her son.  Just in time for Mother’s Day, we asked Divya a few questions about both her relationships and the journey she’s taken from daughter to mother and then balancing the two. Learn how Divya’s special relationship with her mother has helped her form her bond with her son, the traditions she now calls her own, and the one wish she has for her son.

Do you have a relationship with your mother? If so – how has it affected you individually? 

Yes, I share an indescribable bond with my mom.  It has been the most honest relationship of my life. She is one person who has never given up on me or has never let me give up on anything.  Therefore I have seen her steer me and my brother through all the highs and lows or our lives unharmed.

How has it effected you when becoming a mother? 

A Lot, she is who I look up for any questions, any experience. or any reassurance, or to tackle any fear. I had the best to learn from. And I’m sure she did too. As a mother, you question your parenting knowingly or unknowingly every day. It’s good to take a perspective from one person who literally knows you inside out.

What are ways that you raise your son similarly as your mother? 

I’m fortunate and grateful to God to have a son who is so kind-hearted that it melts my heart. I just wish everyday that I could live up to the expectation of being a mother he deserves. My mother always taught me to be respectful of this world and its beings, big or small. She always, even now, reminds me to thank God and everyone who has been kind to you. This is something I really want my son to inherit.

How do you raise your son differently?

I don’t impose my expectations of him, I let him choose and then share my perspective with him. This is something which I knew I wanted to do but was so hard to do initially. As we live in a society, where talking about achievements is supposedly an essential icebreaker or a measure of any prospective relationship. I want to protect him from anyone who challenges his gifts and innocence, as long as I can.

How important is tradition? 

For me, it’s more about values than traditions. Traditions are passed on by society and values are passed on by generations. I want him to know the traditions us as Hindus consider. But more importantly, I want home to understand the values us as a family would want to pass on to generations.

What traditions have you broken?

I don’t think I have any. But perhaps my mother has, which has paved a smoother way for me to be an individual and not just be a girl, daughter, wife or a mother.

What traditions have you come up with? 

That I can proudly say.  Many.  Smile, Hug, live and let live, as life is too small for any regrets. I don’t impose, and don’t let anyone impose me into anything.

Describe your son.

 He is my prized possession. He is a kind hearted soul, for him the world and everyone around him are important. I can’t even kill a bug in front of him. Bugs are carefully caught and escorted outside our home. He is so kind and gets excited and happy on a stranger’s behalf. We can’t discuss pain or sickness in front of him, as he visibly gets disturbed. He loves nature. Given a chance, he would live on a farm full of animals and hike the hill with horses. I can go on and on about it.

What do you want your son will learn from you?

To hug and forgive.

What do you want your son to learn from his father/your husband? 

Everything, he is a perfect role model and an excellent parent. I would like Anay to be as patient, as aware and as loving his father is.

What do you want your son to learn from both of you as a couple?

 To be understanding. Every relationship needs it, and no matter how common it may sound, it is the backbone of any relationship. I would also love for him to learn the power of understanding, even when no words are spoken.

What’s your one wish for your son? 

I want him to be himself and never compromise his values, because that is and will always be his legacy.


All That Glitters…

The following is a repost  from influencer, Yusra Siddiqui. 


Can we talk about this skirt for a second, though? 

I have always been a big fan of decked out skirts, pants, and lehengas and for those of you who follow me can vouch for that. This silver statement piece skirt falls right up my ally and I’ve been pretty excited to share this look with you all.


This dreamy skirt is the creation of India Boulevard ( ; IG: @indiaboulevard) and I teamed up with them to design this customized handcrafted skirt. So why shy away from shining? Pair this exquisite skirt with a simple top for an elegant look like I did or with a sequined top for a more decked out party look. 


For all those of you, like me, who come from the Pakistani/Asian culture where it is the norm to make outfits that are completely customized as per your preferences, would appreciate the work that brands like India Boulevard do.  It’s something I have grown up with and to see my traditional cultures blend so well into the modern times is pretty wonderful. I encourage you all to continue this heritage–Get online and design your outfit for your prom or the wedding you have to attend. 

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Empowered Women. Empower Women

Fashion. It’s not just about what’s on the outside – it’s a lifestyle.

What you wear should reflect your personality. You bring character, beauty, and life to your outfits. You wear the dress. The dress doesn’t wear you.

We wanted to celebrate the feeling of being you, without any mask, pretense or filter. We whisked away some of San Francisco’s top bloggers on a quick getaway to the beautiful Sausalito. Each blogger received a personalized piece designed specially to show off their individual style and character. 

Often, we only see the glam side of bloggers, but they like any other woman struggle with who they are versus who people want them to be. This day, it was just them, their true self.


” I love that we live in a generation where we can wear what we want and how we want it! Why should fashion have any rules!” – Bianca

Bianca from @beyondcasualb wears a custom peach gold fringe top
Bianca from @beyondcasualb wears a custom peach gold fringe top

”  Never underestimate the power of YOU! Don’t be the damsel in distress. Be the Superhero!” – Yvonne

Yvonne from @everydayyvonne wears a custom black cold shoulder top.
Yvonne from @everydayyvonne wears a custom black cold shoulder top.

“There’s no limitations besides the ones you make.”- Justina

Off shoulder nude top with tassles
Justina from @justinavanessa wears a custom off shoulder nude top with tassels.

“Don’t just be a player. Be the game-changer.” – Yani

Burgundy one shoulder top
Yani from @Uniquelyyani wears a custom burgundy one-shoulder crop top.

” Why should life always be black or white. Mine is pink, red, blue and every color you can think of” – Brittney

Pink skirt
Brittney from @Missxbo wears a custom high waist, high-slit coral skirt.

“I prefer flowy tops and dresses over tight bodycon deathtraps. I pick pizza over salad.I have crazy stupid wonderful dreams that I chase every day” – Kara

Black off shoulder top
Kara from @thewhimsysoul wears a custom off shoulder black top

“I don’t like to be tamed. Humans were born wild, we are meant to be wild.” – Nupur

Pink skirt
Nupur from @thecrispycorner wears a custom hot pink dhoti pants.

” I like to blur gender lines. That’s why I rock men’s clothes better than my boyfriend” – Eda

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 6.25.18 pm
Eda from @luxeandlinen wears a pair of custom black culottes

“We rise only when we empower each other. Change happens when you believe in it. Support rather than compete.” – Zoha

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 6.26.58 pm
Zoha from @poshtoganache wears a custom high slit orange skirt.

“It is our responsibility to break any stereotypes that may exist. We need to stop believing in barriers first before we ask others to break it.” – Alice

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 6.26.44 pm
Alice from @wonderlostxx wears a custom off shoulder lavender tassel top

Well said ladies! One Love. Spread it!

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Her Story Is More Important Than History


“In the future, there will be no female leaders. There will just be leaders.” – Sheryl Sandberg

Why are we not supposed to go and play sports? Why do we need to be perfect only for the kitchen and not for the office? Why are we raped and insulted when we wear short clothing? Why can’t we stand tall like a man? Why is it an insult when we earn more than our husbands? – These are questions we ask us every day.

These are just some of the things women across the world hear every time they try and rise above stereotypes and achieve something new and outstanding.

A woman is not just someone who wears makeup, serves food and takes care of babies, or someone who does not have enough intelligence to acquire technical skills or play sports. A woman is much more than that.

We see a woman and often compliment her looks, but there is much more behind a beautiful face and a gorgeous body. There is a strong, and unique woman with her own story. She is Irreplaceable. She is not just a woman. She is a human being.

We have come a long way from the time when women were supposed to talk, walk, and act according to what they were being told by the men in our society. But things have changed since.

Things have changed from, ‘Blue is for boys, and pink is for girls’ to “Why shouldn’t men wear pink, too?” Women now stand up for equal rights and equal opportunities. They build careers in male dominated professions and have emerged as leaders, paving the way for a lot more women to follow. 

At India Boulevard, we believe in equality, be it men or women. So we asked a couple of people what are the stereotypes they would like to break and below are the answers. Take a look and think about what comes to your mind when you think about gender-related stereotypes.

3s IMG_4934wq 4s 1 2n

What do you think? Is there any stereotype you would like to break? Tell us.

Happy International Women’s Day to all you amazing women! Or to say it with Beyonce’s words, “Who run the world?” GIRLS!

It’s a Love Thing – 5 Shades Of Love With Yani

Endless laughter. Infectious smiles. Cherished moments. Spontaneous adventures. Constant blushing. Quirky charm. Warm, fuzzy feelings.

A new meaning to life.

It’s L-O-V-E! – a magical time when dreams become your reality.

A simple four-letter word that manages to encompass so many emotions.

Lust. Envy. Anger. Faith. Contentment.

This Valentine’s Day, we bring to you a series of romantic skirts, each one created with its own unique aura and emotion. Pick the one for you and spend your special day with your special someone wearing an outfit made especially for you.

Yani Romero from Uniquely Yani in an exclusive partnership with India Boulevard shows you what true love is all about, with 5 shades of love.

Coral For Lust

Sparks are flying. Eyes start to twinkle when they meet. There’s a constant exchange of flirty comments, making you blush and shy away. You just can’t stop smiling. It’s an instant attraction and your heart feels happy.

img_4432-1ai9a6679edit-1 ai9a6896

Green for Envy

You can’t stand when they look, talk, or laugh with anyone but you. You become possessive and want them all to yourself – but only because you love them beyond what words can explain.


Red for Anger

Fights and arguments arise over differences – both big and small. Your pride and ego take over, clouding your judgment. A difficult time, but your strength and love for one another will prevail because you fights most with those you love the most. Afterall, love is a war you want to win.

ai9a6633edit ai9a6598edit ai9a6278edit

Blue for Faith

Trust, loyalty and adjustment are crucial in any relationship. No matter what happens, you will always be there for your partner, and they will always be there for you. It’s the best kind of support system.

ai9a5272edit ai9a5301editai9a5275e

Orange for Contentment

After a surge of emotions, you finally reach a good space. A feeling of being happy with their presence, regardless of the time or place. You aren’t afraid of being yourself and cracking weird jokes because that’s what they love the most about you. You are content because with them you can be the best version of yourself.

ai9a5635edit ai9a6109 ai9a6142edit

Featuring these beautiful skirts is upcoming San Francisco fashion blogger Yani Romero. Photographed by Tracey Mammolito

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Day to Night With Saima- One Dress Two Looks

I’m sure there is not a single soul who is not guilty of being a repeat offender when it comes to outfits. But who says the outfit has to look the same each time.

Saima from @saimascorner partnered with India Boulevard to show you 2 unique ways to pull off the same outfit. She styled her green gown in a way that you could wear it both as a day and night outfit. Check out her looks.

Day Look :

Saima kept it simple with her day look. A simple green gown, cream hijab and a statement necklace.

img_1205 img_1236-1 img_1197 img_1215

Night Look :

Saima paired the green gown with a matching embroidered cape and styled her hijab differently to add a touch of glam to the look.

img_4624 img_1391

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Caping It Right With ThatGirlPosh

Written by Roshini Daswani from thatgirlposh exclusively for IndiaBoulevard.

The cape lehenga is the Indian fashion trend of the season! I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with IndiaBoulevard for this gorgeous Indian outfit. The process was easy and simple – select and upload your outfit inspiration – select desired style – perfect it by collaborating with the in-house designer – you model it you own it. I was so happy with this creation, it was more than what I imagined it to be.


In both Hollywood & Bollywood, the cape trend has taken over the fashion world by storm. This has been a trend of been I’ve dying to try out, and I’m in love! I love adopting modern silhouettes with ethnic wear, it’s such a fresh take on a traditional lehenga. It’s the new alternative dupatta on a lehenga.


For all those girls who feel conscious of their arms, this is a trend for you! Kimono Capes do the trick in camouflaging the underdeveloped triceps. The definite lines that run down the arm create the illusion of length and leanness, focusing the eye on the waist.

3a5a9091 3a5a9109
Photography by Mariam Alaamer| Indian Outfit India Boulevard | Choker La Moda | Shoes Asos | Hair Accessory Claire’s | Hair & Make up @makeupbyaishaa
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Pop That Lehenga With Pink | Ashna Ubbi

This fun, fresh, and feminine look from Ashna of Klumsyclosett got us craving for hot pink again. Decked out in a beautiful off shoulder pink lehenga with gold motifs from head to toe, the stylish blogger creates a head-turning outfit that’s not only perfect for your next Indian wedding event but will help you start the holiday season in style

 Ashna paired this outfit with an emerald green dupatta with pink pompom details. Her makeup was natural with touch of blush pink and she wore a heavy head tika. Fashion goals we must say !

img_0067 img_0073Processed with VSCO with f2 preset Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 presetimg_0074

Check out her entire ‘Get Ready With Me’ video

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IndiaBoulevard X Wine Country Blogger Soiree

We recently whisked some of our bloggers to the beautiful wine country of Sonoma as part of the IndiaBoulevard organised Blogger Getway. It was a day planned from scratch especially for them.

Every blogger was given a pink and gold customized outfit made of traditional indian raw silk and a sheer cowl back.

We started our day with a limousine driving us to Gloria Ferrer Vineyard in Sonoma. We tasted wine, had some cheese and took some stunning photos.

After a long day at the vineyard, we made a quick stop for some food at 121 Park Grill in Sonoma. We had some yummy Rose and Mushroom Chittara Pasta.


Bloggers : Richa Shukla, Yvonne Tran , Nisha Oza ,Justina Vanessa

Vineyard : Gloria Ferrer Vineyard

Restaurant : 121 Park Grill

Photos by : Matt

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